Gulland Padfield provides strategic advice, interim management and consulting services to organisations in Financial Services, Business Services and Professional Services.

Our purpose is to help Service and Advisory businesses become profoundly client-focused as institutions and transform their performance and profitability as a consequence.

Wealth Management: Client Acquisition strategy for the new wealthy

Gulland Padfield and WealthMonitor (part of the Financial Times Group), launch an exclusive two-part study into client acquisition strategies targeted at the new wealthy for Private Banks and Wealth Advisors.

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NEWS: Gulland Padfield appoints new partner in London

The firm is pleased to announce that John Dore joined the firm as a Partner on Tuesday 10 March 2015.

John is based in our offices in London and will be working with our clients in Private Banking, Wealth Management, Business Banking and the Professional Services sectors.

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NEWS: Gulland Padfield shortlisted for European Wealth Management awards

Gulland Padfield has been shortlisted in two categories for WealthBriefing European Awards 2015 for its ‘outstanding thought leadership contribution’ to the European Wealth Management industry

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Asset Management: The Link between AUM and Client Insight

We are often asked which factors influence an investor’s decision to develop a long-term relationship with a manager. While investment performance is the traditional benchmark, excellent client service experience is now critical.

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Private Banking: Delivering the Client Centric Revolution

In a highly competitive global environment, the successful private bank needs a shockingly clear sense of purpose. Today’s private banks face unprecedented pressures from three directions. How can management teams respond?

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Wealth Management: The Trusted Advisor - RIP

It’s the phrase found most often on the lips of the professional advisor. It appears in almost all the marketing and websites of private banks and wealth management firms. But is it time to challenge this shibboleth? James Edsberg discusses why other messages can resonate more strongly with clients.

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NEWS: Gulland Padfield wins Client Strategy award: Times/ MCA Awards 2014

Gulland Padfield’s London team is delighted to have won The Times/ Management Consultancies Association award for Best Client & Customer Engagement Project 2014. The firm was also Highly Commended at the awards ceremony as one of a new generation of specialist consulting firms.

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Asset Management: Client strategy - the opportunity for differentiation in 2015

If you didn’t make it to TSAM’s Annual conference on Client Reporting and Communications in London this year, you missed out on a fascinating series of sessions on the latest developments in Client Reporting and other aspects of client facing strategies. Here are our 10 observations from the event:

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Client Strategy: The Client Centric Index from Gulland Padfield

Our Client Centric Index is the world’s first diagnostic test designed to help service businesses transform their performance and profitability by aligning their capabilities, structure and culture more closely to their clients and markets.

It comprises 12 questions and takes 5 minutes online. Click here to take the test. It benchmarks your business against similar service businesses. It’s the routemap to becoming Client Centric. 

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Client Strategy: How to implement consistent client service internationally

Clients are demanding a consistent approach from their professional and financial advisors. How should firms with an international offering deliver consistency to clients?

Gulland Padfield summarises five recent developments in Client Service delivery and describes the strategies which advisory firms should use to tackle one of the service sector’s toughest challenges.

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Asset Management: Client Strategy and the Sticky Investor

There’s more driving loyalty of a client-investor to their Asset Manager than investment performance. Returns that regularly match or beat the benchmark are a significant but not the only important component in client-investors’ selection and retention of an Asset Manager.

James Phillips of Gulland Padfield’s Asset Management team, takes a look at the surprising factors driving client loyalty and some of the ways management teams of funds can build a client base of sticky investors.

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Asset Management: Closing the Gap with effective Thought Capital strategies

“In a competitive and recovering global economy, the asset management firm which differentiates with insights as well as capabilities will win. But from our analysis of the sector it is clear that more needs to be done to leverage analytical capital and investment experience, craft an opinion and create thought leadership which drives increased investments.”

James Phillips looks at the results from our unique study and sets out four strategies for success.

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Law: New online diagnostic reveals changing agenda for senior management

In Part 1 of a preview for Managing Partner Magazine, James Edsberg, shares analysis of Gulland Padfield’s Client Centric Index - the free-to-access online strategy diagnostic for Law Firm management teams.

Since the Client Centric Index was launched, management teams from over 100 firms have completed the diagnostic in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. It has generated over 36,000 assessments by participants of 12 distinct areas of strategy.

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NEWS: Gulland Padfield appoints new partner to Latin America practice

The firm is pleased to announce that Silvia Velasquez joined the firm as a Partner on Wednesday 1 October.

Silvia is based in our offices in Bogotá, Colombia and will be working with our clients in Banking, Insurance and Professional Services.

Speaking about the announcement, Senior Partner of Gulland Padfield, James Edsberg said, “It’s great to welcome such an experienced and knowledgeable new partner to the firm.

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Wealth Management: Asia success strategies

With European markets flat, it’s no surprise that wealth managers and private banks are looking East to Asia for growth. Indonesia’s ultra high net worth (UHNW) population grew 47% last year, for example, making it the region’s fastest expanding wealth hotspot. And it’s not alone.

In 2010, Asia Pacific’s high net worth (HNW) population surpassed Europe’s. We offer 5 strategic challenges to wealth management teams looking to Asia for growth.

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Professional Services: The role of the CMO in successful post-merger Client Management

We’re living through an unprecedented era of consolidation and change in professional services. In a recent study*, 58% of UK law firms viewed mergers & acquisitions as a major opportunity to drive growth.

When a firm merges, a vital task for the CMO is to manage the client-related risks of the deal and to deliver many of the associated benefits of the enlarged organisation.

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Turn Thought Leadership into Thought Capital

For leading business service firms and in particular for professional firms, the creation of business research and its use to engage with clients, prospects, media and internal stakeholders, is recognised as the most effective marketing and business development channel.

But many firms and their fee earners are failing to drive the full return on their investment in the research required to create insightful thought leadership initiatives.

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Alternative Investments: Hedge Funds rethink client-investor relationships

Current dynamics in the Hedge Fund industry have prompted a re-think among management teams. The adoption by some of an institutional-quality Investor Relations program and Client Care approach is having a positive impact.

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